Online Services

Our online service provides an easy to use and quick method to create/edit orthotic prescriptions online and access them whenever and wherever needed. You can also access your existing invoices online to help simplify keeping track of all your invoices and payments. The main features of this service are outlined below;

Online Ordering

* Create/edit new prescriptions for casted or 3D scanned devices. Casts can be mailed to Virtual Orthotics and they will be matched with the online prescription form when recieved. 3D Scans can be uploaded during the ordering process.
* Create/edit remake orthotic prescriptions
* Keep track of all your orders with virtual orthotics. The ordering page displays the status of all orders, the estimated day to leave Virtual Orthotics and an update for when they are sent back to the practice. Even orders which were not submitted online can be tracked using the system.
* Create draft prescriptions which can be saved online. These can then be edited whenever needed and then submitted to Virtual Orthotics when you are happy with the prescription
* Setup a default prescription, so that commonly used prescription fields do not need to be re-entered for every form
* Search and view all previous online orders
* Single login for individual podiatrists which can be linked to multiple practices
* Customisable delivery addresses for all orders

Online Invoicing

* View all invoices and download or print a PDF version of every invoice
* Easily keep track of the payment status of all invoices
* Track all payments made
* Customisable security levels for each user. For example this can be used to restrict which users have access to the account section of the online site.