What We Can Offer

Set shell price

Virtual Orthotics offers the benefits of CADCAM manufacture. All shell modifications are inclusive in our set shell price. Anything you would like to manufacture into our shells can be and it won't cost you a cent more.

Unlimited digital cast storage

An important process of CADCAM manufacture is obtaining the shell shape from a cast. Our exclusive and custom designed scanning solution ensures consistency and above all amazing accuracy and now your casts are stored forever.

Fast turn around time

Your patient is in pain and needs orthoses. Batching orthoses is a common and standard practice for most Podiatrists but they can't control the time to manufacture. Our standard turn around time is 3-5 working days. Virtual Orthotics caters for high priority requests, usually dispatching on the same day as cast arrival.

Unique Graphical Prescription Form

Virtual Orthotics has revisited the prescription form and added a unique twist to the often confusing task. Prescribe by Picture is the easy way with our graphical based presciption form. It won't be long before you forget about the terminology and ask us to make the pictures bigger.

Semi-Manufactured VirtualShell at trade pricing

Popular with single person operated orthotic labs is our semi finished shells. The VirtualShell ™ is our CADCAM manufactured orthotic shell supplied prior to covering and finishing. At trade pricing, these shells can be finished and onsold in a fraction of the time it would normally take while still achieving healthy profit margins and benefiting from the latest in CADCAM technologies.

Non-Casted Orthoses

This device is manufactured from a "standard" shape and adjusted to your patient's foot. Shell options available on this device are length, heel and forefoot width and arch height. A pedograph or outline of the foot is required to accurately adjust the orthosis to your specifications. The device comes standard with a corrected calcaneal inversion of 3 degrees. To save time, the pedograph/outline and measurements of the feet may be faxed to Virtual Orthotics.

VirtualScan 3D ™

Years of research and development have positioned us to release our VirtualScan 3D ™ . We are excited to make available our 3D foot scanner. This device allows you to accurately scan the plantar surface of the foot in a non-weightbearing position and submit to our Online Ordering System.